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Photographer Stacey Russell
Portraits of Lizz Pennings Owner of Gypsy Stone
H&M Cassie Brimrose at Kooshka Hair
Wardrobe a collection from pieces available at Gypsy Stone; by Rubylovejoy, Pennyforyourthoughts, Pandeia, Buffalo Girl, Arnhem and Spell Cowgirl Dreaming Jacket Turquoise Suede, Black Hanalei Cowrie Shell Bra

I spotted a photo of Lizz Pennings on instagram a few weeks ago and instantly recognised our Cowgirl Dreams jacket in turquoise suede and was intrigued. I contacted Lizz who is one of our stockists and asked her to send me the rest of the shoot. I also asked her a few details about her Sunshine Coast boutique Gypsy Stone and the intentions behind it. Her response (below) reaffirmed for me how wonderful it is when people follow their passion, and how following that passion can create joy and inspiration and a sense of purpose that flows out to everyone around them.

Tell us about Gypsy Stone – it looks like there’s such a strong aesthetic there… does that flow from you?
Gypsy Stone was my answer to creating everything I loved in one place. Opening Gypsy Stone allowed me to pursue my photography and styling full time as well as create the ultimate wardrobe for me to shoot haha. But mostly I saw a huge gap in the local industry, so much talent from unknown people around me including fellow photographers, designers, makeup-artists etc. I found myself saying a lot “man, there is so much amazing undiscovered talent around, I don’t understand why no one does anything about this” hence GS. A collaboration of pure awesome, whilst also being ethical, independent, and everything else I believe in. The aesthetic is everything I have always loved, all things native, beautiful, magical and dreamy and now that Gypsy Stone as a brand has developed into an entire hub that I want to use to inspire others to do the same. I get that fashion as a whole is a constant statement, but it should always be from the heart. Not just whatever is cool at the time.

You’ve been creating some gorgeous photo shoots lately – what’s your dream photo shoot?
Arghh!!!! Ever since I visited Malaysia I have not stopped dreaming about doing a shoot in the virgin rainforests of Borneo. Seriously the most MAGICAL place I have EVER visited! To capture that untouched beauty with some amazing threads on those naturally stunning locals would be INSANE!!! One day ;) haha

If you could hijack someones wardrobe who’s would it be?
If Stevie Nicks, Jimi Hendrix and Nirvana all got together somehow and had a love child that’s who’s wardrobe I would hijack.

What are you obsessing over right now?
Contrast, contrast, contrast!!! Also Autumn. Hello my new found love!

Photographic – Stacey Russell. She has no idea how amazing she is.
Style – Georgie Pearce. Rebecca March. Nicola Barrington. Because they are 100% true to themselves and remind me to be the same everyday.
Business – Anyone who makes a living doing what they love. (Like Spell!)

Fave thing about Aussie (QLD) fashion?