People + Planet Policies

People + Planet Policies
Our Policies

At Spell, we are committed to implementing high ethical and environmental standards within every part of our business which is reflected within our Animal Welfare policy. Animals play an integral part in the fashion industry and the objective of our policy is to ensure that they are not only treated with respect, but that we work to minimise the impact on their natural environment.

  • All animals must be treated in accordance with the 5-freedoms set by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE)
  • All sourced animal-derived materials must be a by-product of the food industry
  • Animal fibres must be sourced ethically and inflict no harm or distress to the animal or its surroundings
  • We will not utilise any fibres from species that are recognised to be endangered
  • All leather within our range is sourced from leather working group tanneries or recycled where possible
  • All down within our range is sourced from ethical producers that adhere to the Responsible Down Standard
  • All wool within our range must be sourced from non-mulesed sources
  • We say NO to Angora
  • We so NO to exotic animal skins
  • We so NO to mohair
All of our policies extend to business partners that we work with including contractors. We take a proactive, pragmatic and collaborative approach to transforming our supply chain.

Where possible, we will choose recycled materials over virgin and fibres that have been certified by a credible third-party. Our R&D team are constantly on the search for new innovations.


At Spell, we understand that our environment is facing some serious challenges and we are committed to living our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world. In order to bring this to life we have embedded sustainability into each part of our business operations and we expect that partners across our value chain do the same.

We recognise our legal responsibilities set out in our code of conduct however we aim a little higher each day and aim to take our business partners on our journey to walk a little lighter within the fashion industry.

Providing a healthy and safe workplace is an integral part of our focus. We work towards International and National standards to address the following areas:

  • Diversity and equal opportunity
  • Upholding human rights
  • Fair wages
  • Working hours
  • Health and safety
  • Collective bargaining and freedom of association

Ensuring minimal impact on our natural resources is fundamental to our industry. We are working to implement the following:

  • Animal rights
  • Chemical restrictions
  • Waste, recycling and circular practices
  • Regeneration programs

Working with Spell as a business partner comes with the expectation that each entity address each of the above and uphold the law within the appropriate jurisdiction. This is a journey of constant improvement and we believe that collectively we can make a huge impact.


At Spell, we are committed to implementing high ethical and environmental standards within every part of our business and recognise the part that we have to play as a leader within the global fashion industry.

From design, to cut, make, sew, trim to recycle, every one of our partners works to uphold our strict code of conduct based on the ILO (International Labour Organisation) and ETI (Ethical Trade Initiative). This code outlines basic requirements each partner must meet in order to work with us and failure to comply with this code will see us work together towards meeting the basic standards or cease operations with the company in question.

Our values lead and enhance the way we work day to day, both internally and with external organisations. These values are:

  • Lead
  • Inspire
  • Family
  • Walk A Little Lighter
  • That Turquoise Feeling

Across our business operations throughout our Supply Chain - Retail, Materials, and Manufacturing - working with our 21 supplier factories around the world - Spell employs over 2,946 people through our Tier 1 suppliers in three (3) countries - China (53%), India (40%), and Peru (7%), with our Retail Suppliers located in two (2) countries, being the United States of America and Australia, and our Material Suppliers, located in two (2) countries, Italy and Russia.

Our main spend is in China and India - both considered high-medium risk countries in terms of potential risks for Modern Slavery. Modern Slavery is defined under the Modern Slavery Act 2018, No. 153 (Cth); Modern Slavery Act 2018, No.30 (NSW).

We recognise that Modern Slavery exists and is systemic therefore it is an important issue to address across our whole value chain to ensure that those who are vulnerable are not exploited. We are working to combat Modern Slavery and provide for the detection, exposure, awareness, collaborative action, and reporting in both our business operations and supply chains. We will work to provide actions to address and mitigate such risks.

Our commitment to uphold the highest of human rights within all parts of our operations is a fundamental part of our business and we aim to use our influence to leverage positive business practice where possible. In the aim of mitigating the risk of Modern Slavery within our supply chain we will be implementing the below activities:

  • Full facility and supply chain analysis
  • Development of a risk matrix identifying countries and activities of high risk
  • Risk mitigation and mediation strategy
  • A suite of strong internal and external policies

In order to effectively remediate risks and drive positive collective action and change, we workwith our business partners, industry peers, stakeholders and internal colleagues, taking a collaborative approach to ensuring human rights are upheld within the fashion industry.

Our Modern Slavery Statement will be published in December 2020.

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