The Sisterhood.

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Styling, concept and inspiration by Sheree Commerford of Captain 
Photographer Sybil Steele
Hair+Makeup Luciana Rose | Hair Assistant Ava Belle
Assistants Lily Reed and Mae Hanna
Vintage pieces from our collection with a few gems from Sara Humphrey’s vintage collection.
Texas wears Duke Of London pants, baby Jagger wears BandiKoot bloomers and Indiana wears his own nappy.

* * *
I remember this happened last time I was pregnant, the blogging dropped off, the inspiration came a little fewer and father between, I felt spread thin and found it hard to keep my visual diary that is this blog up to date – so to have a blog post like this to share, mid pregnancy, is quite the treat. Because it represents everything that is dear to us – family, sisters, nephews, our little boys… home, love.

Collaborations with other creative women have been the ‘superfood’ behind our label from day one. So it was with a huge smile on our faces that we agreed to collaborate with gorgeous Sydney based designer/stylist/blogger, Sheree Commerford. And the fact that this collaboration came hand in hand with working again with photographer and dear friend Sybil Steele (in the very same house we shot ‘Freedom in Solitude‘ in a few years ago), clinched the deal.

Spelly and I hate being in front of the camera (one of the reasons the ‘about us’ pic on our website is about 4 years old…) but when you get a bunch of women together with their kids, and invite them to play dress-ups it’s not hard to forget about the camera and go into a dream world. Sheree was incredible to work with, encouraging us to scour through dusty old vintage racks of long lost thrift-shop finds. Under her styling eye we felt safe enough to just go into our own sister bubble and play like we were on some kind of far-away sister/auntie slumber party.

With our busy lives of families and work it’s been a while since the 3 of us lounged around and were just sisters and aunties… I wish our 4th sister Dahli had been able to come up from Melbourne with her little tribe so we could all have played together like the old days.

Every woman (even those afraid of the camera like us!) should do this once in a while, dress up with your sisters, girlfriends, or your little ones, enter a dreamworld and snap some portraits… Huge thanks to Sheree and Sybil for giving us the opportunity, the inspiration and the confidence to do this together! Yes, it was a mad house, yes little tex got bitten by a bull ant, yes being so pregnant in front of the camera was confronting… but all so worth it to spend a moment like this with our beloved tribe and two inspiring and creative spirits like Sheree and Sybil.

* * *