DIY Crochet, Shell & Feather Bunting

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SPELL DIY: Crochet, Shell & Feather Bunting.
Photos by Mel Carrero | DIY by Sam and Lulu

We gave the girls free reign with decking out our pop up Splendour in the Grass shipping container ~ but at Spell it’s not about spending big with decor, we’ve always have a very DIY attitude when it comes to our homes, offices and boutique. One of my fave elements of the pop up store was the textured crochet bunting so I thought I’d get Lulu and Samantha share it with you!

What you’ll need:
Lace trim
Pom Pom trim
Offcuts of White Crochet (we used an old throw)
Tan Leather offcuts
Stapler and staples
PVA glue
Shells collected at the beach
Dried flowers (we used babies breath)
Tassels and any other decorative items you’d like to attach
White paint


METHOD – please note, this is based on six metre long bunting.

  1. Cut the hessian and leather into around 25 squares and rectangles (you can do equal parts or more of one or the other depending on how much material you have)
  2. For the crochet pieces we cut up some pre-loved crochet throws. If you are doing this follow the patterns in the crochet and get creative! We started with squares and ended up cutting out circles, diamonds, and squares with the tassels left on. We used around 20 pieces in total – you can add more or less depending on the look you’re going for.
  3. Attach the squares of leather, hessian, and 5 pieces of the cut crochet to your length of twine by folding one of the edges of each piece over the twine and securing it with a few staples. Continue until all of your pieces have been used.
  4. Take pre cut hessian and leather pieces and glue the pieces of crochet on to around 15 of these. For extra durability you can also staple these on. We did trios of circles on some of the bigger pieces and rotated the crochet around on others.
  5. Use the remaining pieces of hessian and leather to paint symbols on – we did peace signs, arrows and hearts ☮ ♥
  6. Feed twine through the entire length of the lace trim letting the lace hang lower than the twine and looping back through approximately every 50cm (this does not have to be accurate!). Cut some short lengths of twine to tie knots at each point that the twine intersects the lace – this is to stop it from twisting and moving around.
  7. Decorate the lace and twine with the feathers, shells, dried flowers, and tassels. Most shells have a natural hole in them that you’ll be able to thread the string through. For the flowers and feathers we wrapped the twine around the stem a few times and secured with a spot of glue or knot before moving on to the next one.
  8. String up the two long pieces you have created, starting with the hessian piece up high, then the lace trim in the middle and finish off with the pom pom trim at the top letting your bunting naturally bow in a couple of places.

And don’t forget, as with all DIY’s half the fun is in the creativity and how you deviate from the ‘method’ above! Go nuts, put your own spin on it and dont forget to tag us #spellDIY in your pics so we can share our faves!!