Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell Spell

Photography Bridget Fleming
Model Anja Konstantinova 
Hair  Renya Xydis – Valonz Hair Cutters | Makeup Nicole Thompson
Styling Shannon Desordre 

Mad Max: desert, dirt, bikes, and I’m assuming some bad-ass action hero getting his buff on… ok you had me at hello. Then we heard Abbey Lee Kershaw was in it too, and Megan Gale… and we were like hell yeah! Then I saw this off the charts shoot by Bridget Fleming on insta the other night and I stalked her down (always a challenge with the NYC/BYRON BAY time difference…) and after a few emails and some heckling from me, Bridget sent me the shoot. So here it is. Not just a chick on a bike… A N J A on a bike!

Bridget Fleming shot the editorial last year when she was back in Australia for a minute (her visa run!). She saw the Mad Max trailer that got leaked and it inspired her to do an “off the grid” style shoot The editorial was shot last year (September) when I was back in Australia for a minute (my visa run!). The Mad Max sneak peak trailer had literally just leaked, and what started as an ‘off the grid’ inspired editorial (see Laurie Bartley “Off the Grid” editorial for Número China) took a Mad Max turn. The casting felt really strong to head down a Mad Max path, Anja is a terrific talent, she plays an authentic character.

Side note; after prepping like a professional off road adventure team, their apparently inadequate 4WDs later needed to be towed out of the location. Strong winds and a storm setting in, they were rescued by Nigel and his dog, who were pretty thrilled to be towing an all girl crew of ten off the sand dunes to safety, it was definitely an adventure!

So that’s Anja? Tick. Desert landscape? Tick! Best hair-do ever? Tick! There you go, the Spell tick of approval! Dying!