Urban Python

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Kimono & Rings  Spell FW14 set to drop next week! / Dress – ZARA / Necklace – Myee Carlyle / Bag – Vintage / Boots – Frye

Is there such a thing as a sister crush? Well if there is, we have one on sister blogging duo Mira and Thilda 

A lot of bloggers wax lyrical about being wandering gypsies, or being filled with wanderlust, but few live it as authentically as these girls do. I started following them when they were somewhere in Europe, but for the past few months their ‘capturing the world through their lens’ blogging journey has been up and down the East Coast of Australia – even spending a few bucket-list weeks camping out in their van right here in Byron Bay’s hinterland-paradise.

We’ve been following their journey, a journey both humble, (eating beans and living out of their van) and swoon-worthy; they’ve brought a stylish and filmic theatricality to backpacking that somehow got lost…

The sisters pit-stopped in urban Newtown, Sydney a few weeks ago and revealed in the divine local coffee culture there. We spotted them in our Thunderdome Tusk Ring and Aloha Python Duster (one of the gems from our Fall Collection that will drop online Monday 12th May) which we gifted them when they passed through Byron a few weeks ago.

(Oh and for those who aren’t familiar with our obsession with all things dusters and kimonos; originally dusters were full-length coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust… today we’ve reinvented them as ‘tight-sleeved’ kimonos so they can be layered under other garments. We’re digging them so much at the moment as we layer up in Fall).