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Ruby wears (look 1) Isla Bonita Maxi in White, Rocket wears Desert Wanderer Long Sleeve Onesie in Sunset (look 2) Prairie Maxi and Rocket wrapped up in the Leah Luxe Cardigan coming out with our Revolver collection on May 12th.

Tell us about how your life changed after becoming a mother?
There’s no amount of words that could explain how my life has changed . I’m still trying to come to grips with it . It’s full on non stop craziness at my house . But seeing that little face smiling back at me at 5am makes it all worthwhile 

Best part about life with Rocket?
The love ! You really never know what love is until you have a baby. Yes I love Ryan (my partner)! But this love I have for Rocket is an unbreakable bond that I will have for the rest of my life until the day I die . I know people say this mushy shit all the time and until I had Rocket I seriously didn’t know I was capable of such feelings. I wouldn’t trade the love I have him and the love he has for me for anything in the whole world . I’ve never felt a love like this .

The worst part ?
The vomit ! I can deal with everything else ! But the vomit drives me nuts ! I’ll be all ready to go out and bam ! Vomit right down the back of my dress and pooling in the undies! I think every thing I own has had vomit on it .  

What did your mum teach you about being a mum yourself?
Everything in moderation – to be patient and understanding , always forgiving, and that’s family is forever . 

What is your advice to new mummas out there?
Take each day as it comes and cherish every moment because before you know it your squishy little baby is a big kid.



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Amelia wears Prairie Crop Top, coming out with our Revolver collection on May 10th.

What is the most surprising part of motherhood for you ?
Probably a combination of a kind of love l didn’t know existed and the amount of hard work it actually takes! My almost four year old is my biggest teacher, she’s a little sponge, I’ve always gotta be on my game! Shaping these little humans, to be aware of this world, their environment and people in it – it’s a mighty big responsibility!

A question I ponder every day… how do you juggle motherhood & a career?
I’m still working on the juggle! l read somewhere recently that there is, “a constant, quiet tension between motherhood and working outside that role”. It resonated with me. I’m hoping at some point l can find a comfortable balance. For now, the only way I’m to find that is to be as present as I can be and enjoy both my roles as a mother and a photographer, without letting any moment slip away. Time becomes so valuable and precious, I’m learning pretty quickly whats important to me, what’s not and what I need to let go of. 

Three things you can’t live with out as a mumma? Time, sleep and water, all of which I’m constantly needing more of.


SARAH HUMPHREY, DESIGNER (of label Chasing Unicorns), with Phoenix, Sky and Tala, and is pregnant with her fourth bub.

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Sarah wears wears (look 1) Rosamond Lace Maxi (look 2) Prairie Crop and Revolver Kerchief Skirt coming out with our Revolver collection on May 12th.

How different is every pregnancy? 

From the outside, my pregnancies pretty much look the same. I’ve gained the same amount of weight and have carried in the same way; but internally, I’ve felt quite different. I was very feisty and argumentative with Phoenix, sensitive and suffered from pregnancy hypertension with sky, especially irrational and impulsive with tala and had much worse morning sickness and have been feeling much more overwhelmed than usual with this baby girl. Also, with each consecutive pregnancy, you feel so much more pregnant earlier in the pregnancy. By that I mean the downward pressure, varicose veins (sorry- too much info non pregnant ladies), and little aches and pain in belly and back. 

You always look so super styling and we all wonder how the heck you do it! How much thought goes into dressing for you each day?
Thank you. Pretty much no thought goes into dressing. I am a throw on anything person weather pregnant or not. I don’t like feeling daggy though so throw on anything usually means dress not trackies. I find in pregnancy, I hardly ever wear shoes. Luckily in Byron that’s sort of ok. Putting on shoes while pregnant and carrying a baby is hard! Other than that, I dress normally in whatever fits. I don’t buy any pregnancy clothes. I just wear what I have that is loose or can go under or over my belly. Oh and of course heaps of jewellery weather I’m pregnant or not!

Advice to other mums heading onto number four?
If you’re on your forth, you’re probably pretty relaxed about the whole thing. I guess I’d say “be kind to yourself”. Life is crazy with 3 kids, business to run, friendships to maintain and a pregnancy as well so don’t beat yourself up about the things you’re not managing to do (or do as well as you’d like). So the house is dirty, dinner is occasionally avo on toast, school drop off a little late…. If everyone is happy and loved and you are feeling like your coping then you are totally kicking ass. Xx