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Our longtime friend and travel muse Sarah @saltyluxe recently took us on an adventure to French Polynesia with the Coral Gardeners. Now, get to know Sarah more as we go with her travel archives and passport stamps. Find out her favourite destinations {and where to next}, how to #walkalittlelighter while travelling, her beauty tips and more…

Where do you call home?

Byron Bay, Australia! We’re currently living in Sydney because of work but we’re already dreaming of when we can move back into our little beach shack in Byron  🌞

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Favourite place you’ve travelled to?

French Polynesia, without a doubt! Palm trees, turquoise lagoons & tropical fruit as far as the eye can see. Also the most beautiful people & culture! I’ll never forget waking to a woman and her young daughter sitting in their garden singing to each other and making flower leis. I was later told that this is a daily ritual for Polynesian women and I really can’t put into words how happy this makes me and how much this truly symbolises the country; humble, abundant and wild {among so many other beautiful words I could use to describe this paradise on earth}.

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Most memorable travel moment…

When I was a little younger I lived with a hill tribe in Burma working on an elephant conservation project. The projects goal was to save as many elephants as possible from the likes of circuses, street work and labour, and safely insert them back into their natural habitat. It was the first time I had travelled solo (and definitely the first time I had slept in a bamboo hut on the floor with an actual pig!) and it would become a pivotal moment for me, changing my direction from being a Teacher (what I was studying at uni at the time) to *years later* starting my business, Salty Luxe.

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Our heart always skips a beat when we see you #spellskirtswish’n around the world. What are your favourite Spell pieces for your travels?

My heart always skips a beat when I wear spell, so feeling is mutual 😍 Fav travel piece is this Travel Scarf (which admittedly I have in pretty much every design)… it is my ultimate go to, being so multifunctional ~ towel, sarong, dress, top, you name it, you can wear it (and trust me, I’ve tried it!). AMAZING for travelling light!

Of course I have to mention sustainable swim, which I just wouldn’t leave home without! I’m pretty down for every single one piece spell has ever designed so let’s just go with collectively, all spell swim, ever! I’m also incredibly found of a few of my spell maxi skirts. I have one from 5+ years ago that has multiple travel related injuries and has been sewn up more times than I can count. It’s a real treasure and I have certainly put it to the test with backpacking through Central America, Europe and Africa.

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What’s in your bag ~ 3 things you must have on your travels

– I mean. My camera for sure. It’s sometimes nice to just be in a moment and experience / remember it for yourself, but honestly, I feel anxious even thinking about missing something epic and not being able to share it with the world!

– I love tropical locations, but so do mosquitoes. I’ve had dengue fever before and got VERY sick from it. After this experience I now always travel with a natural repellent (citronella, tea tree, lavender or lemon eucalyptus oil based).

– Skin care! I use an Australian brand called Aspect and it’s for sure can’t-live-without-it vibe for me + reef friendly sunscreen.  Spell

Beauty tips ~ travel edition

– Coconut oil is life. Hair, skin, food. It’s the best thing ever and I pretty much lather my life in it.

– Dry shampoo is a saviour. I use Aveda and it’s the best I’ve tried so far. Even after a week at sea without being able to wash my hair, this does the trick!

– Less is more when it comes to makeup for me. A little bit of salt, sun and waterproof mascara is all I need to feel myself and it just feels SO good to go bare!

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How do you #walkalittlelighter while travelling?

My fav question, thank you for asking this!! 
ALWAYS travel with a reusable drink bottle, you’ll never be dehydrated again or have to use those gross plastic cups on planes! Other good options are travelling with a tote bag so you don’t have to use plastic bags, a reusable coffee cup and reusable utensils are also handy options! Carbon offset your flights to compensate for your travels (it’s not perfect I know, but when flying is necessary it is something you can do to decrease your impact). Consider less impactful modes of transport ie. catch the bus or train instead of driving or flying where possible.

Work with environmentally friendly tour companies on the ground. Give back – there are so many amazing organisations that need our help and giving your time while travelling is worth its weight in gold! USE YOUR VOICE 💛 everyone is an influencer and we all have the opportunity to create change. Let’s encourage people to do better, give ourselves a break for not being perfect and move toward a better future together in a positive and understanding nature ✌🏽

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Next destination on your bucket list?

More of Australia and surrounding pacific region, we are so lucky where we live and are surrounded by some of the most insane islands in the world! Also, I’m really feeling India right now!


With love to Sarah @saltyluxe xx