USA Travel Journal ~ April 22

We finally touched down in La La Land… after staying grounded for what felt like a lifetime, it was surreal stepping off the plane and into what felt like a whole new world! But oh boy, it was more than worth the wait! We adored showing our new Spell gals around our second home… Jumping from Santa Monica, to Venice and venturing all the way to Palm Springs - each destination now holds a special little place in our hearts.

Let’s just say, we were living in absolute luxury at The Proper, Santa Monica… the mixed textures and sandy palettes throughout created the dreamiest stay {we didn’t want to leave}! We indulged in churros, and bagels, and soaked up every little bit of the Californian lifestyle. Did you really visit LA if you didn't check out the iconic Venice Bowl, or take cute and fun photo booth pics on the Santa Monica Pier? We think not!

Our Airbnb in the jaw-dropping Palm Springs well and truly fulfilled our mid-century modern dreams… We were in awe of the low-scale architecture surrounded by insane landscapes of mountains and palm trees that one couldn’t believe before they saw it for themselves! Vintage shopping and flicking through old records on Palm Canyon Drive will now be a core memory that we will be holding onto for years to come! Trust us when we say that we are already planning our next trip to the USA, we are over the moon to be back!

Until then, Spell xx